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Serving Portland, Beaverton, Aloha, Lake Oswego, Hillsboro and the surrounding Portland OR area.

Interior / Exterior Painting and Wood Finishes

A fresh coat of paint can help spruce up a place. Our crew can paint exteriors and interiors. We also provide stain and varnish services.

Complete Drywall and Texturing Service

We install new drywall, repair or replace existing drywall. Our texturing service is a good way to make drywall more appealing and also can be used to hide imperfections. Our crew have the special tools necessary to create great results for the services.

Decks/Fences/Dry Rot

Wanting to repair or replace an existing fence or deck? Maybe you want to install a new fence or deck. From privacy to picket fence, our crew is at your service.

Exterior Siding

New siding is an excellent way to give a house a dramatic makeover with a material that is nearly maintenance free. Our professionals can install new siding or provide repair services to or replace damaged siding.

Ceramic Tile

Tile can be used to dramatically change the look of a bathroom, kitchen or fireplace while increasing the durability and value of your property. Our professional service providers can handle all prep work including removing old tile or flooring and can install everything from simple to elaborate designs.

Finish Carpentry

Our crew of finish carpenters have the expertise to complete any size project you may have. Hanging doors, installing moldings or stair rails, or even matching trim - we can provide the services you need.

Rough Carpentry/Framing

Considering some remodeling or finishing a space? We’ve got that covered too. Our reliable crew can help you make intelligent decisions on your project and our carpenters are good at providing professional services - saving you time and money.

Vinyl / Laminate Flooring

We provide top quality flooring installation service. Our crew can help you with both repairing or installing a variety of new floor coverings.

Insulation / Weather Sealing

Our installers can help you identify the best solution for you property. Our crews pay special attention to areas that can make your property more energy efficient.

Please contact us directly for all our services.